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Mount Malmangernuten, overlooking the Rosendal and the Hardangerfjord.    Photo: Bjarne Øymyr
Mount Malmangernuten, overlooking the Rosendal and the Hardangerfjord. Photo: Bjarne Øymyr
Photo: Reidun Hatlevik


The new national standard for Innovative Mountain Tourism is used to mark and grade trails in whole of Norway. The levels are divided into colour codes after the same principle used at the downhill slopes.

Sunnhordland has a diversity of trails, both short and long with different levels (easy-hard). You can choose between hiking in the mountain to hiking at the glacier, along the fjord or in the coastal landscape. The distinctive element is that you can start by the shoreline and reach high mountain tops with view over the island kingdom of Sunnhordland with the sea in the west and the glacier in the east.

When you have found the your walk, you can download a MAP for the walk by clicking on the button that says ‘Download map’.

The most famous destinations are probably the Bondhusbrea and Folgefonna glacier and mount Siggjo, but many unknown gems also await you. Would you like to walk up a quiet valley or do you want to ascend the highest peak? It’s up to you.

You can find other walking trails in the region here:  Visit Norway , Carwalks, NorthSea trails

 Norwegian Trekking Association provides detailed information about trails in the mountains, cabins and other useful information.

Folgefonna attracts many visitors to our region. For a few weeks each summer, there are daily guided glacier trips across Folgefonna between Fonnabu (Sundal) and Holmaskjer (Odda).

Remember to observe the Norwegian mountain code when you are in the great outdoors.

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Hike to the Bondhus glacier

Location Sunndal, Mauranger Map Folgefonna National Park Start and stopping point Bondhus Parking From Sunndal through the Bondhusbygda hamlet for 500 meters to the parking lot at the entrance to Bondhusdalen Valley. There is a sign by the highway....

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Hike to Melderskin

Location Rosendal. Map Map of Folgefonna National Park Rosendal Turgruppe’s route map. Start and stopping point Kletta Parking Drive towards the Baroniet, but turn left to Kletta at the intersection before the tree-lined avenue up to the...

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