Moster Amfi

Visit Moster Amfi and see exhibitions on church history and stone export from Bømlo.

Moster Amfi
Photo: Moster Amfi
Moster Amfi

Moster Amfi has an outdoor amphitheatre that seats up to 1,200 and together with the religious history centre, which houses the exhibition "From Heathendom to Christianity", it makes an exiting destination in Sunnhordland.

Here, you will find the programme of events at Moster amfi 

You can also take part in a historical walk around Moster Old Church and see the exhibition "From Heathendom to Christianity" and the play "1,000 years - a Mass" at Moster Amfi.

The historical play "The Christian Kings at Moster", better known as the Mostraspelet pageant, can be seen at Moster Amfi every summer, in addition to concerts and other exiting shows.

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Moster Amfi

Moster Amfi is the most unusual open-air theatre in Northern Europe, and accommodates an audience of 1300. Moster Amfi comprises the exhibition "From heathendom to Christendom", a thought-provoking tour of Norse mythology, society in the Viking era, and...

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