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Copyright © Folgefonni Breførarlag

Blue ice trip on Folgefonna, Botnabreen glacier to jordalsbreen glacier

The walk is a chance to experience the dramatic landscape around Folgefonna combined with some blue ice climbing, and magnificent views from the glacier...

Copyright © Ståle Sundfjord

Glacier Kayak and glacier walks

Glacier kayak and glacier walk This is our signature trip. We meet you in Rosendal and drive together in our mini bus for about 40 minutes to the starting...

Copyright © Pål Hermansen

Guided glacier walk across Folgefonna: Sundal-Odda

Folgefonni Breførarlag’s guided glacier trips Fonnabu-Holmaskjer: The route from Mauranger to Odda has a long history. In the late 19th century and early...

Copyright © Lars Håvard Eikeland

Historic glacier hiking in a modern way - guided

Folgefonna glacier walk is one of Norway’s historical walking routes, and the tour across the dramatic icy element has attracted tourists for over 200 years....

Copyright © Gamleposten 5444

Gamleposten 5444

Historical walk and chef`s dinner

Historical walk on Espevær and 5 course dinner at Gamleposten 5444 every wednesday this summer. Chef and guide: Torstein Hatlevik.

Copyright © Lise Steingrim

Bømlo kulturhus

Seasonal art exhibition

Welcome to the summer exhibition with art work by Lise Steingrim in Bømlo kulturhus.


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